Jacketed Low Pressure Infrared Emitters

Jacketed Low Pressure Infrared Emitter

TOSHIBA Jacketed Low Pressure infrared emitters are specially designed for food warming application.
Fig.1 shows how TOSHIBA infrared emitters efficiently generate more Infrared Heat Energy but less visible light than classical lighting emitters.
Those are not only Low Pressure infrared emitter, but also additionally jacketed by 20mm dia. clear quartz sleeve :

  • For anti-scattering protection against quartz piece by accidental break of heater inside
  • To avoid chemical attacks over heater tubes to maintain good performance
  • To protect the infrared emitters from unexpected thermal shock such as splashed water or foods


The protection by clear quartz sleeve more securely ensures long life as well because of no direct contamination on infrared emitter inside from splashed sodium contained in foods. When such splashed sodium goes directly onto infrared emitter without protection being operated at high temperature, devitrification phenomenon is caused on quartz tube glass. Devitrification deteriorates not only quality of quartz over time, but also lifetime of infrared emitter itself.
TOSHIBA Jacketed Low Pressure infrared emitters protected by clear quartz sleeve therefore bring benefits of ;

  • * More secured against accidental thermal shock
  • * More durable against devitrification and mechanical shock
  • Warming foods or objects and the air in between
  • Low maintenance and long life 5000h on average
  • No warm-up time required, switched on-off within a second
  • Silent and odorless