PARYS GOLD Infrared Emitters

TOSHIBA's new PARYS GOLD emitter is designed for space heating application in worship places and fashionable restaurants or cafés where colour rendering is a sensitive subject.
TOSHIBA’s new PARYS GOLD Heat emitter solves all the problems such places pose by way of its elegant heating colour and luxury gold-like appearance. PARYS GOLD unique light resembles sunset, which enables these places to be warmed naturally without the surroundings being damaged or disfigured.
Providing gentle warmth to people in an elegant decor is feasible with TOSHIBA’s new PARYS GOLD Heat emitter.
Advantages :
  • Luxury gold coating
  • Extra low glare with neutral orange colour
  • High wattage density (71W/cm possible)
  • Splashproof version available
  • Two versions available: single or jacketed tube
  • High temperature resistance (850°C on the tube)
  • Instant heat, it takes just a second to switch on/off
  • No oxygen consumption
  • No combustion by-products, silent and odourless
  • No air draughts due to radiant infrared heat
  • Long life (5000 hours on average)

Application area

  • Fashionable restaurants and cafés
  • Religious buildings (Churches, Mosques, Temples etc)
  • Sports hall and exhibition halls
  • Workshops, warehouses and factories

And various kinds of place where you need comfortable heat.